Dr. Sandy Baird, DC

SPORTS CHIROPRACTOR, massage therapist, Yoga INstructor


Ever wonder why your shoulders hurt after swimming too many laps?  Or why your wrists ache in downward dog?  Wish you had a bit more flexibility and ease in your body?  The stress of our everyday activities, from typing at a keyboard for hours on end, to driving, to not always getting enough sleep or adequate nutrition, result in the cumulative effect of tissue injury. 

When tissue is injured, our bodies innately want to restore the area to health, thus they secrete chemicals that have an inflammatory effect on our tissues.  That inflammation, over time, creates adhesions in the muscles and surrounding tissues, which are basically areas that get stuck to each other, like plastic-wrap crinkling up against itself.  Those adhesions result in weak and tight muscles, which generate friction and tension, causing more inflammation, and the whole injury cycle is perpetuated.

My role as a chiropractor and massage therapist is to determine the exact structures that are causing the symptoms, and to interrupt that injury cycle in order to restore movement and function to those problem areas.  I do this by delivering effective and comfortable soft tissue work that breaks up those sticky adhesions.  If need be, I also can adjust joints to decrease pain, increase range of motion, and increase the function of the nervous system.  Soft tissue work can help relieve sore muscles, increase circulation, and contribute to your overall relaxation and well-being.

Sports Chiropractic

My goal as a sports chiropractor is to provide my clients with quick, effective treatments that relieve their pain and increase their function...allowing them to continue thriving at the activities they love.